Online Videos of Denise

There are a growing number of videos with Denise that are freely available online. By viewing them you will likely gain a better understanding of her work and the beliefs and perspectives that underpin it.

(Most, though not all, of these videos are included on our YouTube Channel.)

Lessons Along the Way (May, 2019)

In this three-part series, Denise shares some of the most important things she learned through her experience with cancer during the 18 months following her diagnosis. In these videos she offers what she believes could be helpful or meaningful insights to others who are facing difficult life circumstances or are caring for others in challenging situations. In Denise’s words; “I am even hopeful that there are messages [in these videos] that are universal to all of us as human beings, doing our best to rise to the daily challenges of everyday life with a modicum of gratitude, graciousness, and humility. One of my favorite lessons (in Part Three) is the lesson of urgency and the privilege of being ourselves, knowing we are the only ones qualified to bring our unique light and wisdom to the world.”

The Call to Citizen-Based Leadership (January 2018)

With the advent of 2018, Denise introduces the concept of Citizen-Based Leadership as a tool for achieving positive change in the world. Watch this video by Denise and/or read the text of her message.

A Personal Message from Denise (October 2017)
In this video, Denise personally explains the circumstances behind her inability to accept speaking engagements until later in 2018. She also recites her new poem Rainmaker

From The Broadreach Centre
This video is the first in a series of interviews with Denise that are available through Conversations that Matter, a very cool and progressive online conference centre developed by The Broadreach Centre. In this video, Denise is interviewed by Emma Van der Klift about the origins of her involvement in the field of job development and the beliefs that have shaped her thinking.

From Red River College
A series of concise training videos produced by Red River College that focus on Job Development issues for individuals with disabilities.

From Cornell University
A series of short videos focusing on the content of Denise’s Cultivating True Livelihood curriculum

From Citizen Centered Leadership
A short clip from Denise’s video presentations that are part of Cornell University’s amazing Citizen-Centered Leadership initiative.

From Ability Axis
This video from Ability Axis is an overview of one of the annual events that Denise & her husband Rob McInnes used to host in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Straight from her home, Denise recites one of her most popular poems.


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