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Photo of DeniseDenise Bissonnette is one of North America's most sought-after trainers and speakers on career development, job development, workforce development, and "true livelihood".

What I know in my Bones
A five-Part Webinar Series

Grab your spot to join in 12 hours of inspired training
on “the best of the best” from Denise Bissonnette!


In this dynamic, fast-paced webinar series, Denise dishes up distilled insights, practical advice, and hard-won wisdom garnered from four decades of her work in the field of employment and training.  With warmth, humility, and unending passion for her work as a job developer, career coach, writer, trainer and curriculum developer, Denise will share what she has come to “know in her bones” in the areas of job development, employer engagement, client assessment and motivation, and job search assistance and coaching.   

Delivered in a no-nonsense, conversational style, Denise bases each session on guiding principles and core beliefs that have informed her writing and teaching in that area, the most common questions/concerns she has heard from employment professionals, and her best advice to people who both new and seasoned in the field. The ideas and concepts she presents are brought to life through live demonstration, personal stories, thought-provoking metaphors and analogies, colorful photographic slides, practical strategies and tools, and in Denise’s signature style, spoken-word poetry.

We are limiting the number of participants – so don’t wait too long to submit your Registration. 

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Fees and Payment

Registration Fee: $500 USD
Registrations will not be secure until this fee is fully paid.

When a Registration is submitted, you will be automatically redirected to our store where payment can be made.
If you need to make payment later, you can use This Link To Our Store.

Summary of Course Content

The sessions include, but are not limited to, the following topics.

Session One: The Art of Creating Opportunity

  • Distinguishing between job placement and job development;
  • Employing six new questions for spotting opportunities in the local job business community;
  • Utilizing the concept of an “employment proposal” for creating new opportunities in a wide variety of workplace activities including paid employment, volunteer work, work experience, job shadowing, and seasonal full and/or part-time work; and,
  • Implications of entrepreneurial job development for working with the applicant: prompts and questions for assessing and identifying job seeker skills, interests, values, and work preferences.
  • Q and A

Session Two: Essentials of Employer Engagement

  • Dispelling “employer myths”;
  • Creating unlimited opportunities for developing partnerships with employers;
  • Great questions for an intelligent, in-depth employer assessment;
  • How language is everything, and putting powerful language tips into practice when communicating with employers; and
  • Uncovering and resolving employer concerns about hiring individuals with disabilities and other employment barriers.
  • Q and A

Session Three: The Mosaics of Work: Needs, Values and Perspectives

  • Eight work motives that satisfy basic human needs;
  • What keeps us in a job, and adds to our sense of satisfaction in the workplace;
  • How work motives and values change over time and according to one’s circumstances;
  • Creative ways to assist a person in identifying their abilities, gifts, values and work preferences;
  • Perspectives on work and how we name it; and,
  • The importance of metaphors we use for work and how they reflect our relationship with it.
  • Q and A

 Session Four: Best Practices for Supporting Job Seekers

  • Distinction between coaching and counseling in job search assistance;
  • Buffering the challenges of the job search with “the power of the group”;
  • The difference between selecting and settling in the job search;
  • Encouraging job seekers to “mix it up”;
  • Employing the philosophy of “hiring yourself the right employer”, and how to put it into practice;
  • Assisting job seekers to maintain momentum and resilience in the job search; and,
  • Debunking the myth of “motivation”.
  • Q and A

Session Five: What I Know in My Bones: Follow-up Session

  • Sharing and discussion of 50-page PFD of job seeker materials from Denise’s curriculum Cultivating True Livelihood;
  • Summary of content covered over the first four weeks; and,
  • An opportunity for webinar participants to share with one another how they plan to put the principles and strategies that they have learned into practice.
If your organization is interested in holding this Webinar program
as a live internal staff training opportunity,
please contact Denise at info@denisebissonnette.com.
(The right to record and retain the sessions for use in
future internal training is available as an add-on.)

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Thursday, May 19
Thursday, May 26
Thursday, June 2
Thursday, June 9
Thursday, June 16
Fall Dates TBA

On those days, all Webinar sessions are scheduled to be held from:

Pacific Time 
Mountain Time
Central Time
Eastern Time
10:00 am – 12:30 pm
11:00 am – 1:30 pm
12:00 noon – 2:30 pm
1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

2022 Fall and Winter Webinars yet to be scheduled.

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Webinar Format

The five sessions will be delivered using the Zoom platform. Registrants will receive the link to the webinar the day before the live session.  Each session is two and a half hours in duration. Registrants will be invited to turn on their videos in order to participate in large and small group discussions. There will be a 10-minute break after the first hour, and Denise will leave approximately 20 minutes at the end of the session for a live Q and A.  

In addition to the live webinars, registered participants will have access to a password-protected video recording of each session. The recording of an individual live Session will be available for two weeks after that session concludes.

Materials included in the registration fee:

  • Each week, by email, participants will receive a document containing a PDF of the PowerPoint slides from Denise’s presentation;
  • In advance of the fifth session, participants will have access to a (digital PDF) 50-page compendium of hands-on job seeker tools drawn from Denise’s curriculum Cultivating True Livelihood.

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About Denise Bissonnette 

Denise Bissonnette is an internationally renowned writer, trainer, and keynote speaker.  She has inspired people and organizations throughout North America to look beyond traditional concepts of job development and to craft livelihoods rooted in the individual genius of each person.  She has authored several publications on creative job development, state of the art job search techniques, the cultivation of the human spirit, and how to “shine” on the job.  Her book Beyond Traditional Job Development: The Art of Creating Opportunity is considered the definitive text in employment programs and university classrooms throughout North America.  Her book 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee elevated the concept of job maintenance and employment preparation to thriving and prospering on the job. In recent years Denise embraced the world of virtual training, offering numerous webinar series to continue sharing her insights and enthusiasm for the field she loves.  In her and characteristic style, Denise brings together her talents as poet, writer, storyteller, teacher, and career developer. 


Denise delivered the What I Know in My Bones Webinar Series to organizations in San Diego, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Winnipeg in the last twelve months. Here is a sampling of what participants had to say about their experience:   

“Denise’s training was like a breath of fresh air - very powerful!”

“This was the most engaged I have been in a training for years!”

“I’ve been a job developer for over a decade and created many jobs, in many industries. I’ve been to two of Denise’s trainings. They are the best trainings I have been to in my entire career. Each time I have left with more knowledge, more ideas, and a greater motivation to continue in this field. Denise is very relatable and incredibly talented. She is a wonderful instructor and a great cheerleader.” 

“Due to Denise’s training, I will forever look at interviews differently.”

“My organization recently went through a 4-week training called “What I Know in My Bones” with master job developer, Denise Bissonnette.  Denise has an incredible way of demystifying job developing…. She brought her years of experience and personal stories to the training, which allowed us to put ourselves in those situations.  This was an incredible opportunity that provided valuable information I could use immediately after training.  I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is involved in employment support and job development.”

“This series skipped the fluff that some trainings can have and went straight to tangible action I could take with the people I serve. I used the valuable content in my daily practice with clients from Day One!”

“Denise is the absolute best.”

“I had a hard time when the sessions came to an end. Her poetry is amazing, and she made me rethink what we do as job developers.”

“Anyone who takes this course should be prepared to be wowed. I felt like Denise was in the same room with us, and I was mesmerized throughout.”

Denise shared very powerful ideas that got me excited to go out and develop jobs for the people I serve! I spoke with some of my colleagues after a couple of Denise’s presentation and felt the need to apologize for my ‘over enthusiasm’. Denise renewed my spark to get out there, and upped my confidence level!”

“It was an honor to attend Denise’s training! She has such a beautiful way of job developing and connecting with people.  She gave clear examples of everything she talked about, which allowed us to see exactly how her material works. She is a very captivating presenter.”

“Since 2009, Denise Bissonnette has provided annual trainings for students and professionals associated with the San Diego State University Rehabilitation Counseling Program. Denise’s work is invaluable for our program by sharing her knowledge, experience, and passion for helping persons with disabilities find productive and satisfying work and careers. Most recently, Denise gave her webinar series, “What I Know in My Bones.” This impactful training comprehensively addresses the full scope of job development by understanding how to create new employment opportunities, engage with employers, acknowledge differences among worker values and motivation, and prepare persons with disabilities for the job search process. Our program and the San Diego community will forever be indebted to Denise.”
Chuck Degeneffe and Mark Tucker, San Diego State University Rehabilitation Counseling Program faculty members

“Thank you Denise for embodying what it means to walk with someone on a livelihood journey. I’ve participated in several sessions with you, and each session always leaves me refreshed, renewed, and reinvigorated. I appreciate the toolbox of resources and practical tips that I can immediately start applying in my work. And I am also inspired by the poetry, stories, and art that are seamlessly interwoven into the sessions. You provide a very holistic approach for career development professionals that supports a solid framework and sustains a facilitative spirit.”

“The What I Know in My Bones webinar series with Denise Bissonnette should be required training for anyone who assists individuals with employment barriers to find work. This has been a game changer for me. The vision and mission for my work has become perfectly clear.  I could not be more grateful.”


For additional information or concerns, please contact Rob McInnes at:  rob@diversityworld.com

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