"This workshop gave me
a sense of urgency
about living my life
with renewed purpose. 
I will bring a new spirit
to my work on
Monday morning."

"Denise is an
eloquent trainer
who has elevated
our field from a 'job'
to a 'profession'."

photo of Denise

"Denise's training is
extremely practical,
but more important...
I feel my passion
and purpose again!"

"The attendees loved
the event and felt that
it was life-changing
in both  their
professional careers
and their
personal lives."

For those of us who support others to prepare for, enter, re-enter, and retain or change jobs within “the world of work”, Denise Bissonnette is a beacon, a compass, a teacher, a mentor, and a colleague.  She passionately inspires us to look beyond traditional notions of career & job development and, instead, to help craft livelihoods that are rooted in the individual genius of each person. With a unique ability to bring us to the "heart" of our work, Denise opens us to new insights about ourselves and the people we serve. Enhancing that with practical tools and strategies, she enables us to be more authentic and effective in our work.

Denise has authored several outstanding publications on subjects that include creative job development, state of the art job search techniques, the cultivation of the human spirit, and how to "shine" on the job. Throughout North America, thousands of human services professionals are regularly challenged, inspired and affirmed through installments of her True Livelihood newsletter.

A dynamic trainer and speaker, Denise melds her talents as a poet, writer, storyteller, teacher and career developer into presentations which, delivered with her unique and compelling style, become profound and unforgettable learning experiences.

images of some of Denise's favourite photos