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There are few endeavors that Denise loves more than designing and delivering in-service training to agencies or organizations in the style of “personal or professional retreats”.  Over the years she has delivered a variety of such events ranging from one-day colloquiums with up to two or three hundred participants, to more personalized two-day retreats for groups of image of many people sitting with their feet together in a circlethirty or forty.  From faculty days at universities, professional training days for employees of large county or city departments , or intimate in-service retreats for smaller agencies, the substance and style of Denise’s work lends itself beautifully to those who want to create a memorable and engaging training experience that reflects and affirms the values of their organization. 

Due to the extensive range and repertoire of Denise’s writing and teaching, she is able to tailor each event to the particular needs and interests of each group, while successfully speaking to and connecting with the wide range of employees that are typically represented in any workplace.  From the entry-level employee to the highly seasoned professional, Denise has a gift for making her message understandable and relevant to everyone in the organization.

When asked what personal goals she ascribes to in designing and delivering in-service retreats, Denise describes what she calls the “three noble aspirations” she holds for any worthwhile retreat:

This is what lies at the heart of each of Denise’s retreats, regardless of its overriding theme.  In her words, “Interestingly, I have found that there are many diverse training paths to reach these same three noble aspirations.  Whether it’s through the topic of personal leadership, enhanced communications, or inclusion in the workplace, every in-service is about asking new questions, deepening the conversation, and having each person walk away newly inspired and refreshed.”  From past experience, Denise has discovered that content from the following themes, alone or in combination, have proven to be particularly effective in reinvigorating agencies and solidifying working relationships amongst co-workers:

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