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There were a few resources that just didn’t seem to fit well into anywhere else on the website - and a few other documents that folks regularly ask us for. So, we bundled them all together here on the “Free Stuff” page. Take a look. There’s some good stuff here…

Audio Interviews

photo of David ZingerOn Wholehearted Engagement
Listen to Denise being interviewed on “Wholehearted Engagement” by David Zinger, author, speaker, and founder of the 6000+ strong Employee Engagement Network.  (Approximately 1 hour)


“Tree Model” for the Human Spirit

In many of her  presentations, Denise incorporates key concepts from her Cultivating the Spirit to Work seminar – including the very popular analogy she uses of a tree as a model of the the human spirit. We are frequently asked for copies of the accompanying diagrams. These images are available here:

Tree #1
Tree #2


Much of Denise's work is seasoned with poetry - her own and that of other poets. Many of Denise's poems are published in her book The Wholehearted Journey and recited on the CD Poems for the Wholehearted Journey. We receive a lot of requests for printed copies of the poems she has recited in her presentations. Here are print versions of some of Denise's poems that are most-frequently requested (as well as some video links to watch her recite them):

Rainmaker (Denise recites Rainmaker on YouTube)
A Pilgrim's Plea
Blue Skies (Denise recites Blue Skies on YouTube)
Clueless (Denise recites Clueless on YouTube)
New Wings


Several times a year, we publish the (Free) True Livelihood Newsletter. Written by Denise, it is intended primarily for people who are employed to help others manage their livelihoods, careers and jobs. (But many readers tell us that it is as meaningful to them personally as it is professionally.)

Job Retention Guides – 30 Ways to Shine

Denise’s 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee is a fabulous program to enhance job retention.  These three great (free) online guides can help you to effectively integrate 30 Ways to Shine into your organization or program design:

Employer Guide: How 30 Ways to Shine can be used to support and/or mentor new employees in order to improve retention rates and minimize turnover.
Agency Guide: How 30 Ways to Shine can be integrated into agency programs as pre or post-placement services to job seekers or as a support service for local-area employers.
Pre-employment Workshop Outline: How 30 Ways to Shine can be used to develop job-seeker skills that will improve job performance and retention.

Making The Most of Job Fairs - Job Seeker Tips

Denise has developed the following five “Tip Sheets” to help job seekers more effectively prepare for, participate in, and follow up on Job Fair opportunities. Feel free to print, copy and make use of them!

Seven Great Reasons to Participate in a Job Fair
Making the Most of a Job Fair
Preparing Your Personal Summary
Great Questions to Ask Employers
Following Up -  Sending Thank You Notes


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