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For over 20 years Denise has been designing and conducting training seminars, throughout North America, on topics related to employment, job search, career development, workforce diversity, and related topics. Tens of thousands of Career Development professionals and Employment and Training professionals have been empowered by her programmatic strategies and inspired by her passion and vision. Please note that, by “Seminars”, we are referring to training courses that are designed to be delivered in full or multiple-day time periods. In addition to being stand-alone training events, they are also very popular as pre-conference events.


These are the titles of Denise’s most popular Seminars. Clicking on them will take you to a detailed description.

Choosing a Seminar

Photo of DeniseThe particular seminars that we offer have proven to effectively respond to the challenges and interests of many workforce development organizations throughout Canada and the U.S. We are also happy, however, to work with each customer individually – to “tweak” or “mix & match” content from several seminars– to meet the training needs of their particular organization or intended audience. In addition to these longer Seminars, Denise has a selection of topics that she addresses in shorter formats. On our website, these are listed as “Concurrent Workshops” – as they are most frequently delivered at conferences. These can also be readily folded into the design of a training event.


The core of Denise’s work remains rooted in the world of employment, livelihood, and workforce development. As such, her primary audiences are folks who work in associated fields, including:

Over the course of her career, however, Denise has also developed a passion and expertise in other issues and topics that arose from this work. Topics like workforce diversity, leadership, and the need for personal/professional renewal have now also become integral to her work. As these concerns are shared by almost all business and human services, Denise’s unique approach and the value of her insights have earned her a much greater audience base.

For information about Denise's availability for speaking/training events, please send us an email at


For a schedule of Denise's upcoming appearances, please see her Schedule.

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For information about Denise's availability for speaking/training events, please send us an email at

Customer Comment

"I hope you realize the number of lives your work has changed (including mine)!!! The 'Cultivating True Livelihood' curriculum has added the warmth and inspiration that many of our clients so badly needed. The 'Beyond Traditional Job Development' book is one that I make sure all new Job developers read, and your '30 Ways To Shine as a New Employee' has opened many of our staff's minds to what clients may be experiencing during those first weeks so that they are better able to support them."


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