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Welcome to our September 2013 edition!
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The Magic of Commitment

Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

In celebration of the 10th anniversary year of this newsletter, I have selected articles from over a hundred issues written since 2003 to highlight in the last months of 2013.  This month's selection on "The Magic of Commitment" was an obvious choice for a few reasons.

First, it is one of the issues that readers continue to refer to most in their counseling and coaching capacities to assist people in identifying and honing the commitments behind their current goals and actions, be they conscious or unconscious, intentional or by default.  One recent subscriber told me that she has been using this article for the past eight years as the introductory session for the support groups she runs as well as her one-on-one coaching sessions. In her words, "This article helps people differentiate where their current commitments truly lie rather than what they merely aspire to.  In a non-threatening manner, the questions posed in this article allow us to cut to the chase of making "

Secondly, this was the article that inspired "the Ladder of Commitment" which has been enthusiastically received and utilized by employment counselors since I began including it in my workshops in 2004.  To this day, it is consistently mentioned on evaluations as one of tools participants are most anxious to put into use. It was delightful for me to remember the article in which it was first offered.

Finally, I love this article for the important point it makes about the power of commitment and the confidence it empowers us with once we have chosen that road. As I write in the article...

"One of the most difficult aspects of human life is the unlimited choices we face at every turn. The rewards of having committed to something include the stabilizing power of decision, the focusing power of direction, and the staying power of stamina and perseverance.Once committed, we no longer waiver in the face of choices because our commitment points the way. Once committed, we harness the combined powers of our will and our willingness to get off the fence, to pick a lane, and to leave blasé indifference in the dust. …  Even in a world of chaos and never-ending change, the ability to make a wholehearted commitment brings a sense of constancy, consistency and certainty we could not find in any other way. Our ability to make and keep commitments may constitute the solidest ground we will ever have to walk upon as human beings."

May your road be made smooth through mindful choices and heartfelt commitments!

~ Denise

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The Magic of Commitment

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