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Welcome to our December 2013 edition!
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Seven Simple Gifts -
Not Easy to Give, Splendid to Receive

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In celebration of the 10th anniversary year of this newsletter, I have selected articles from over a hundred issues written since 2003 to highlight in the last months of 2013. In the last of this series, I am so happy this month to revisit the article I wrote for the December issue of 2011, Seven Simple Gifts. While we would not likely revisit the suggestions of advertisers from two years ago in attempting to respond to the wish lists of our loved ones today, as you will see, the gifts I am lauding and encouraging in this article will never go out of style and are always in stock. If anything, the need for these gifts grows greater over time, not less, and hopefully, so does our capacity to extend them.

Ironically, I had chosen this article before receiving the news of Nelson Mandela's passing. Clearly the world has lost an amazing person, the likes of which we are not likely to see again in our lifetime.  And while we may never have met him in person or had the privilege of shaking his hand, I know I am not alone in feeling deeply saddened by his passing, not unlike losing a comrade or a friend.  Among other things, he had the rare gift and sheer force of spirit to reach across nations and beyond borders to speak directly to the hearts and minds of his fellow human beings, reminding us that we are one global family privileged to share and care for this precious earth.  Nelson Mandela affirmed and modeled the best of humanity, espousing by example his belief that, "Man's goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished." 

In perusing this month's article, it struck me what a shining example, dare I say ambassador, Nelson Mandela was of several of these seven simple gifts, particularly that of visibility, forgiveness, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and kindness. And so, it is with a humble heart and the deepest of bows, that I dedicate this month's article to this exemplary statesman, honorable teacher, and beloved friend to humanity. May we honor his life by taking his heed of his advice – to fully ignite the fiery flame of goodness in each of us, sharing our unique light and love with the world.

With warmest wishes to you and yours,

~ Denise

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Seven Simple Gifts - Not Easy to Give, Splendid to Receive

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