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Welcome to our January 2014 edition!
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Photo of DeniseEmbracing an Ethic of Reverence

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am delighted to open 2014 with an article on a subject very close to my heart, the idea of renewing and embracing the spirit of reverence in our life and work, and in particular, for the people we serve.  This particular article has been percolating in me for many years, as I have patiently awaited an opportune time to address the topic. While at first blush readers may question the relevance of such a seemingly "spiritual" quality for everyday application, I urge you to give me the benefit of your doubt and allow me to present a case for making reverence as central to our daily lives as we already make the ethics of truth, honesty, or integrity.

Feel free to use the questions posed at the end of the article to delve deeply and engage with others in a meaningful dialogue about the role that reverence has played in your life and work in the past, in the present, and into the future.  As a side note, this month's poem, "Reverence 101", came to me at the eleventh hour of finalizing this newsletter, and may well serve as a summary of the main tenets presented in the article.

Please join me in this journey...

~ Denise

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Embracing an Ethic of Reverence in Life and Work

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