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Welcome to our April 2014 edition!
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Paths to Potentiality:
Ten Habits of Heart and Mind

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

While spring is making a slow but sure entry, it is with expectant hearts that we welcome the greening of the grass and the blossoming of the trees on the heels of a very long winter.  As a way of keeping my impatience in abeyance, vases of multi-colored tulips and potted hyacinth have graced my living room for weeks, as if to say to the sluggish dregs of ice and cold, "Fine, I'll provide my own springtime."  It was in the company of these inspiring beauties that this month's article finally took root and flourished. Teeming with messages of growth, possibility, and the promises that come of budding hope,  please accept this article like a bouquet of spring blooms that have just arrived at your door, from me to you.  Given its form and content, this is a gift made for re-gifting, as I eagerly invite you to share and explore the Ten Habits of Heart and Mind with others in your personal and professional circles.  It is my fondest hope that these habits of consciousness come to full flower in both our personal lives and our collective communities.

We are also delighted to invite you to visit my new website at www.denisebissonnette.com.  What started as spring cleaning, evolved into a new format and opportunity to introduce and showcase my work, my philosophy, the diversity of themes and topics covered in my keynotes, seminars and workshops, as well as new links to my publications, videos and other resources.  The archives of this newsletter along with a generous smattering of my poetry and photographs await your perusal, so take off your shoes and make yourself comfortable at my new home on the Web!

Happy spring!

~ Denise

You can read Denise’s new article, in PDF format:
Paths to Potentiality: Ten Habits of Heart And Mind

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