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Welcome to our August 2015 edition!
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Getting Real and Changing It Up
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I hope you have enjoyed a fabulous and fruitful summer!  It has been a very long time since I last communicated with you through this newsletter – the longest period, in fact, since its inception in March, 2003.  I foresee writing an article in the future about what I have learned and experienced in the creative desert, plentiful as it has been in both challenges and opportunities.  In the meantime, however, I am inching my way back into the writing life by responding to a great question put to me by a participant in a workshop on job retention (30 Ways to Shine) in Memphis, Tennessee.  I admit to deftly avoiding this query as it deserved more time and attention, knowing even then it was a topic worth exploring in my newsletter.  See if you agree:   
“What do you do when you feel at the end of your rope, at a dead end, or at best, your wit’s end, with a person you are supposed to be helping?  You feel as if you have tried everything, but nothing is working. What then?”
My many thanks to the participant who asked the question spurring the writing of this article and the creation of a new workshop based on this material. With that in mind, dear readers, I invite your feedback on the suggestions and ideas (see below).  So put your feet up, fasten your thinking cap, and follow this link to:
Peace out.
~ Denise
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