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The True Livelihood newsletter is intended to support the work of people who are engaged in developing the careers, vocations, livelihoods, jobs and/or work of other individuals. It is our belief that everyone's work life can and should be molded and crafted to be the expression of our finest gifts and a source of great joy. Towards this end, we hope that the content of these newsletters will support you with both practical tools and inspirational ideas.

Welcome to our May 2019 edition!
Please pass this on to interested friends and colleagues!

Photo of DeniseLessons Along the Way:
A new video series from Denise

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

After a long, cold winter, it is so exciting to be welcoming the beauty and warmth of springtime! I hope this message finds you blossoming from the inside out, in tune with the season.

I am excited to be sending you the link to my newest YouTube videos, a three part series entitled “Lessons along the Way”, in which I share some of the most important things I have learned through my experience with cancer in the last 18 months. It was a therapeutic process to look back, reflect, and articulate just what it is I have to share that could also be helpful or meaningful to others who are facing difficult life circumstances, or are caring for others in challenging situations. I am even hopeful that there are messages that are universal to all of us as human beings, doing our best to rise to the daily challenges of everyday life with a modicum of gratitude, graciousness, and humility. One of my favorite lessons (in Part Three) is the lesson of urgency and the privilege of being ourselves, knowing we are the only ones qualified to bring our unique light and wisdom to the world.

In that spirit, I just want to say what a privilege it is to have a voice and a presence in this amazing profession of employment services for individuals with employment barriers. As I look back on my life and the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me, being a part of this work community has been one of the greatest blessings of all! It is my fondest hope that I will continue to find ways to bring my voice to our community, and to inspire in each of you a sense of urgency and privilege in having a hand in this holy work.

I invite you to use your own imaginations as to how you might share these videos with your colleagues, your clients, or others in your life who could benefit from the messages herein. Consider them a gift from my heart and my home to yours.

Onward, my friends, in this incredible journey we are on together …

~ Denise

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Link to Denise's YouTube Channel link to Denise's YouTube Channel link to Denise's YouTube Channel link to Denise's YouTube Channel