Training Seminar:
Fifteen Essentials for the Ultimate Employment Toolkit
The Art of Creating Opportunity: Part II

“We are heirs to the results of our own actions and the intentions we bring to each moment. What we habitually think and feel and the way that we act directs the course of our lives. In these three domains, we hold the power to shape and reshape our destinies and, ultimately, design ourselves.”

~ Denise Bissonnette


image of a stepping stone bridge across a creekThis is the exciting sequel to Denise’s popular “Top Twelve Employment Tools”!  Drawn from her celebrated curriculum, “Cultivating True Livelihood”, Denise has chosen another set of tools which has proven to be fun, easy to use, and extremely effective for use in a variety of vocational contexts, with myriad target populations. The tools selected for this training are particularly potent for those working with individuals with employment barriers who need guidance in identifying their values, motives and preferences regarding the world of work, as well as coaching in overcoming roadblocks and taking the initiative to work towards their vocational dreams. Delivered in the same “train the trainer” style as The Top Twelve, this powerful seminar further equips the employment professional with an arsenal of fresh tools with which to achieve employment results. 

The Fifteen Essentials Include:

Life Values Assessment and What Matters Most - Two versions of basic life values assessment, one for adults and one for youth.

The Masquerade - A self-esteem raising activity designed to honor the many roles a job seeker plays outside the realm of the job search and the individual strengths and qualities they will bring to any employment opportunity.

Beyond Barriers and Overcoming Roadblocks - A must for use with individuals with multiple barriers to employment in seeing beyond the roadblocks in their thinking and trusting in their ability to overcome difficult circumstances.

hand-drawn image of road with sign saying "this way"Work Needs and Desires - A job developer’s favorite as it requires the job seeker to name their “bottom line” in terms of wages, benefits, hours, etc.

Hopes and Aspirations - A terrific goal-setting tool which helps to focus nebulous hopes and desires into doable, specific and realistic aspirations!

Beyond Openings to Opportunities - For those using the employment proposal, here is the detailed, step-by-step instructions for job seekers to write their own!

The Scavenger Hunt - A wonderful way to get job seekers uncovering essential information about businesses in their local job market.

Networking - A great approach to identifying the people within one’s personal network and the step-by-step instructions for making contact with them.

You Be the Judge - One of the most important yet most ignored part of interview preparation is the art of asking good questions. This activity includes a wide sampling of questions an applicant may ask in an interview – as well as a sampling of the kinds of questions that should not be asked!

Work Search Skills Inventory – A comprehensive inventory of 35 specific skills and abilities essential for an effective, intelligent and proactive job search – assists the job seeker in assessing their strengths and weaknesses in the job search process.

You Shall Overcome – Takes individuals through a seven step process of evaluating their fears, hopes, attitudes and beliefs with regard to becoming employed and empowers people with the idea that they have the power to overcome many of their barriers by changing habits in both their thinking and doing.

New Beginnings – A simple but profound exercise that reminds people of how they have showed great courage and strength throughout their lives.  A wonderful exercise for closing a workshop or a job club meeting - especially helpful for people in transition!


The handout contains approximately 65 pages of tools and activities which are largely excerpts from Denise’s celebrated curriculum “Cultivating True Livelihood”. Participants have permission to copy and use the materials with the individuals they serve. (Customers will receive a PDF document from which to make printed copies for each attendee.)

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for all those who work directly with job seekers or students, assisting them to prepare for and enter the world of work, including job developers, job search instructors, job club leaders, employment specialists, vocational instructors, career coaches, employment counselors, and vocational rehabilitations counselors.

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