Training Seminar:
Beyond Traditional Job Development
Strategies & Tools for Those Charged with Helping Others to Find Work

"Today, the challenges and opportunities of the job developer are greater than ever, and the need for our services is felt more acutely by those we serve. Never has there been a greater need for job developers to take an intelligent,
business-minded, proactive and revolutionary approach to creating employment opportunities in our local communities."

~ Denise Bissonnette


Job Developers are entrusted with the awesome responsibility of bridging the gap between unemployed job seekers and the work available in their communities - yet they are frequently provided with few tools and little guidance for achieving their goals. (See Denise's "Tribute" to job developers.) 

Beyond Traditional Job Development imageBased on concepts from her celebrated book of the same title, Beyond Traditional Job Development offers a practical, innovative and proactive approach to job development that challenges the job developer to look beyond traditional methods for achieving placement results. Recognizing that effective job development is perhaps more an art than a science, this dynamic seminar is a goldmine of proven tips, tools and strategies, delivered with numerous examples and stories that bring the concepts to life.  

Thousands of job developers throughout North America attribute their success to the tools, techniques and “ways of thinking” that they have acquired from this seminar. As evidenced in the reviews at the bottom of this page, this seminar opens attendee’s minds to view their work and their possibilities in entirely new ways, inspiring fresh ideas for engaging both applicants and employers in the job development process, particularly in the midst of a tough economy.  From seasoned professionals to newly-hired employment professionals, participants will leave fully-prepared to practice the Nicaraguan saying, "Do not go where the road leads. Rather, follow your own path and leave a trail."

Topics Covered in the Two Day Course:

Topics Covered in the One Day Course:

Image from cover of Beyond Traditional Job DevelopmentThe first morning of both the one-day and two-day course is spent on job creation strategies and the idea of being true to term job development as opposed to traditional job placement.  Equipped with new questions and a practical framework for putting these powerful principles into practice, this is considered the cornerstone of Denise’s work.  The afternoon of the one-day course is typically spent in one of two ways – giving an overview of employer engagement strategies with an emphasis on resolving employer concerns, or exploring ideas for uncovering applicant gifts, values and strengths.  Denise is happy to tailor the afternoon to the needs and interests of the group.  (Due to the fact that she treats each section of the two-day course with equal fervor and enthusiasm, beware of Denise’s penchant to convince customers to go with the full two-day course.  Happily, we have never had a customer who, in the end, was not fully gratified for having given in to her pleas.)     


The handout contains approximately 20 pages of material. (Customers will receive a PDF document from which to make printed copies for each attendee.) As texts for this seminar, copies of the book Beyond Traditional Job Development are available at a reduced rate and are recommended for the one-day seminar and required for the two-day seminar.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is of critical importance for people who are charged with the responsibility of helping others (particularly those with employment barriers) to find work, including job developers, vocational rehab counselors, employment specialists, work experience coordinators and career counselors from social services agencies, school and educational facilities, and private organizations working with people with particular barriers.

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If you are interested in having Denise deliver Beyond Traditional Job Development for your staff or hosting a training for your community, please contact us at

Participant Comments

"I attended a training you gave last year and it was the best training I ever had. That training and your book changed my professional life.  I’m experiencing a tremendous amount of success – I’m being asked to train other job developers now. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I appreciate everything and I will make sure I pay it forward."

"I am so glad that I was able to attend your seminar and I have since been carrying your book around like a BIBLE! It has made all the difference in my life professionally and personally."

"Denise has opened my eyes to the beauty of the profession."

"I can do my job with more dignity. I'll no longer be looking for employers to do me a favor; but I'll be looking for ways to add value to their companies where there is an unmet need."

"My co-worker and I recently attended Beyond Traditional Job Development with Denise Bissonnette. We have both been inspired and re-energized, and truly, our approach to Job Development will never be the same again."

"I have had extensive workshops/training sessions during my career and have never given an 'excellent' rating to any of them, because I didn't think one existed. Denise Bissonnette changed that with her workshop on 'Beyond Traditional Job Development'. She knows how to keep the audience involved and her poetry kept us motivated and wanting more."

"I recently participated in Beyond Traditional Job Development and absolutely loved it. All of Denise's seminars are spectacular due to her passion and dedication to serving the needs of people with disabilities and special needs. Recently, one of my clients wrote a proposal and obtained two jobs that he developed through Denise's method."

"Denise is an eloquent trainer who has elevated our field from a 'job' to a 'profession'."

"This is the first seminar in my 25 year professional career that I did not fall asleep in... I was sitting on the edge of my chair the entire two days!"

“This is the best training I've had in the last 11 years that I have been working for Vocational  Rehab! I feel up-to-date with new approaches and techniques for my clients."

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