Creating an Inclusive Workplace:
Practicing Diversity from the Bottom Up

“There are many versions of diversity training but few of them ask the recipient to practice it from the bottom up.  By becoming aware of our everyday habits of thinking and communicating, we take responsibility for the ways in which we inhibit or enhance the spirit of inclusiveness in our daily work.”

~ Denise Bissonnette

Image of lanterns hanging from the ceilingThis powerful workshop redefines “diversity” as an opportunity to be celebrated rather than a challenge to be managed.  Based on solid leadership principles and practical strategies drawn from her experience working with people from diverse populations, Denise will enlighten us with fresh ideas on how to foster the day-to-day mindset and habits that allow for, invite, and foster inclusiveness.  Based on the belief that we don’t need to wait for the world to change in order to change ourselves, this workshop empowers people to examine and identify the ways in which we daily enhance or inhibit, foster or sabotage the opportunity for everyone to bring their true gifts and potentiality to the table – within our teams, within our organizations, and within our larger communities.  In her characteristic style of utilizing story, thoughtful inquiry, and engaging exercises, Denise equips her audience with practical applications within the following areas:

Target Audience:  

A terrific Keynote for any professional organization, industry sector, non-profit organization or for-profit company. With valuable insights for mangers through to front-line employees, it addresses the pressing need for all of us to respond to the issue of workforce diversity with a personal commitment to inclusion and valuing the uniqueness of every individual.


Customers will receive a PDF document from which to make printed copies for each attendee.

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