Training Seminar:
Creating an Inclusive Workplace
Being True to the Dream of Diversity

“John Mayer sings, ‘We’re all waiting on the world to change’.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the arena of Diversity. What if the dream of diversity is waiting for us to come true to it, rather than the reverse?  Let’s each start where we are, bringing the spirit of inclusiveness and the perspective it engenders to whatever corner of the world we inhabit.” 

~ Denise Bissonnette


This powerful and thought-provoking workshop redefines “diversity” as an opportunity to be celebrated rather than as a challenge to be managed.  Based on solid leadership principles and practical strategies drawn from the experience of working with people from diverse populations, Denise enlightens and equips managers, supervisors and employees to re-direct their thinking and their efforts towards developing an inclusive workplace which invites and benefits from both the potential and the untapped capabilities of their already diverse workforce!

Photo of lanterns hanging from the ceilingUtilizing interactive exercises, compelling self-assessments, and innovative workplace tools, Denise brings both poetics and pragmatism to a subject that receives lots of ‘airplay’ but remains blatantly misunderstood.  Going beyond the party lines of political correctness or the presumptuous intentions of “cultural competence”, this workshop restores a sense of our shared humanity and the need for radical humility as we relate day to day in the complexities of a diverse workplace.  Exploring “best practices” in everyday behaviors and habits, Denise awakens within her audience the spirit of curiosity and a willingness to change in the following four areas: Communications, Listening, Thinking, and Inter-relationships. 

While she succeeds in delivering a seminar that promotes the valuing of diversity and the desire to create inclusiveness, Denise also uses this workshop to renew community spirit within teams and across departments within an organization, and to inspire individual excellence. 

Topics include:

Half day or full day Version

image from the cover of the Creating Inclusive Workplace handoutThis seminar can be delivered in a half-day or full-day format. Denise tailors the full-day event to the needs and interests of her individual audience, bringing greater depth and content to the areas of particular concern to the organization.

The half-day version is often coupled with half-day versions of other popular topics such as Rekindle the Flame, Everyday Leadership or Beyond Barriers to Passion and Possibility


The handout contains about 40 pages of material. (Customers will receive a PDF document from which to make printed copies for each attendee.)

Target Audience

This seminar will be valuable to any workplace, agency, school, organization, or professional association that is experiencing the challenges of diversity or simply desires to enhance the spirit of inclusiveness as a shared value. It appeals to people at every stage of employment, from any position within an organization, and to all levels of employees.  As such, it is a great in-service for a large agency or a plenary session for an association.

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