Cultivating the Spirit to Work:
Assisting People through Change and Transition

“There lives in each of us an exciting, adventurous sense of the possible, a yearning to move forward into the unknown in order to embrace life in all its fullness.  This spark is divine and essential to human life.  Perhaps, above all else, that is what the journey of life and work is about – the unfolding of the human heart and the human spirit.”

~ Denise Bissonnette

image of paper origami cranes hanging from ceiling and textRegarded as a “classic” in the realm of career counseling and coaching circles, this unique and inspiring keynote offers an elegantly simple framework for understanding the critical and often elusive issues of motivation and self-esteem.  Based on her compelling model of the human spirit, Denise lays out practical ideas and tools for strengthening courage, affirming belief and fostering hope in those who feel lost, discouraged, or overwhelmed in the midst of change and transition.  Through an innovative and highly effective way of engaging individuals in their own process of change and transition, Denise show us how to move people away from dependence on “systems” by putting more stock in the resolve and resilience of their own spirit!  Providing different language and a fresh framework upon which to hang this new understanding, this keynote is famous for forever altering one’s view of motivation and enhancing one’s sense of possibilities in assisting people through change and transition. 

Denise requires a minimum of 75 minutes for this keynote, but unapologetically begs for 90.

Target Audience:

General audience, including employment and training staff, employers, and job seekers.


Customers will receive a PDF document from which to make printed copies for each attendee.

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Denise Bissonnette
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