Unleashing the Potential for Everyday Leadership:
Being the Change We Wish to See

 “Our lives are our message, by design or by default.  I don’t think that we can say that a person is simply a leader or not. The question is in which parts of our lives do we choose to take on a leadership role, apply a leadership mindset, or make leadership choices? We are all ambassadors of some kind. The question is what we are using our power and influence to be an ambassador for?”

~ Denise Bissonnette

image of an InukshukWhat if every person in the workplace saw themselves, first and foremost, as leaders?  What if every person, regardless of position, invoked the qualities and characteristics that inspire, promote and engage those around them to bring the best of themselves to the tasks before them? In this thought-provoking and inspiring keynote Denise entreats us to recognize, appreciate, and invoke the powers and potential that lies within each of us to be the change we wish to see in our workplaces, our homes, in our larger communities, and in the lives of the individuals we serve.  Topics include:

Denise requires 60 minutes for this keynote, suggests 90, but would give an arm and a leg to be able to deliver it as a half-day plenary.

Target Audience:

This Keynote is perfect for any conference that wants to gift its attendees with a greater sense of empowerment and personal influence in how they can carry out their job duties and professional roles. The content is relevant to employees in any position and in any organization.


Customers will receive a PDF document from which to make printed copies for each attendee.

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