Fire in the Belly
What Engages Us in Work

“Every person represents a complex puzzle of what makes them tick and what urges them to take the risk to step towards an unknown future. By understanding a person’s work motives, we have insight into how to guide, supervise and coach a person to achieve success based on their own definition.”   

~ Denise Bissonnette

image of lady dancing on a beach in silouetteBased on eight fundamental factors that enhance our sense of well-being, life satisfaction, and overall effectiveness in the world, this timely and inspiring keynote helps to identify and examine why we work, what keeps us going once we are in the workplace, and what inspires us to look towards future opportunities.  Participants in this walk away with greater awareness not only of their own work motives, but with a deeper understanding of how they use the “Classic Eight” to further explore and understand the life values of the people they serve.  Aside from its practical applications, this presentation reminds people of the many ways in which we are rewarded through work and how we can be empowered to continually make the most of the jobs we’re in.    

Denise requires 60 minutes for this keynote but suggests 90.

Target Audience:

Employers, employment specialists, job coaches, vocational rehab counselors, job developers, case managers, and those serving in the role of supervisors and managers.


Customers will receive a PDF document from which to make printed copies for each attendee.

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