Training Seminar:
Top Twelve Employment Tools
The Art of Creating Opportunity: Part I

“We have each been given a song and it is the desire of our hearts to sing it.
Embedded in our very nature is our gift, already enfolded, the oak with the acorn. Finding our place in the forest is the noble challenge, but it is there. Everyone belongs!”

~ Denise Bissonnette


In this fast-paced, highly interactive one-day seminar, Denise will share what she considers to be the “top twelve tools” selected from her extensive job search curriculum entitled “Cultivating True Livelihood”.  Believing that “you can’t teach what is not in your own bones first”, Denise delivers this session in the style of a “train the trainer”, modeling for participants how to present and use this powerful set of tools with their own job seekers. 

image of musical instrumentsDenise has purposely chosen a cross-section of activities which can be used individually or in groups, with people who are new to or experienced in the job market, and for individuals with a wide variety of employment barriers.  These tools have been lauded by employment professionals throughout North America for having proven their success in addressing the presiding issues of motivation, self-esteem, vocational assessment, job placement and job retention. At the end of this compelling training experience, people leave not only equipped with a new way of thinking, working, and effectively engaging the individuals they serve, but also  personally recharged, renewed, and re-inspired in their work!   

The Top Twelve Tools Include:

The Spirit Tree – A powerful model for understanding and influencing human motivation.

The Any Game – A fun and interactive way to help individuals identify vocational priorities and work preferences.  Perfect for folks who say, “I’ll do anything” or for people who have unrealistic expectations in their short term goals.

Assets and Strengths – Creatively identifies life values, assets and natural abilities of the job seeker.  A great ice breaker or opening activity for a job search class or job club.  

The Employment Proposal – A tremendous tool for creating new employment opportunities based on a person’s abilities and unidentified needs of a business.  A compelling alternative to the resume or application.

Do What You Love – A step-by-step approach to helping people see their employment possibilities and write their own employment proposals.

The Two Minute Summary – Takes the job seeker through a sequential process of identifying key skills, traits and accomplishments that can be articulated in a two minute summary. Great for interview preparation.

Sampling and Crafting Tool for Writing Cover Letters – A job search essential for making the writing of cover letters quick, painless and enjoyable!

Stepping Stones and Weekly Balance Check – The ultimate job seeker’s planning tools for breaking the job search into doable parts, setting daily goals and viewing weekly results.  Helps keep the job seeker active, motivated and encouraged throughout the job search process.


The handout contains approximately 50 pages of tools and activities which are largely excerpts from Denise’s celebrated curriculum “Cultivating True Livelihood”.  Participants have permission to copy and use the materials with the individuals they serve.  (Customers will receive a PDF document from which to make printed copies for each attendee.)

Who Should Attend

hand drawn image of wizard on a chestThis seminar is designed for all those who work directly with job seekers or students, assisting them to prepare for and enter the world of work - including job developers, job search instructors, job club leaders, employment specialists, vocational instructors, career coaches, employment counselors, and vocational rehabilitations counselors.

More Information On This Seminar...

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Participant Comments:

"Your presentation combined hands-on practice, inspiration, enthusiastically-presented real-life examples, and easily-applied activities. As evidenced in the very positive evaluation comments, your upbeat and well-paced workshop encouraged many participants to walk away not only with new tools, but also, and perhaps more importantly, with renewed vigor for career development."

"You are by far the greatest presenter I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. You passion, grace, and energy will be my inspiration as I continue to develop community employment for those I serve. You are simply amazing and I thank you for opening my eyes and inspiring me - and showing me that what I do is so much more than just a job."

"Loved the presentation! It gave me a lot of hope to continue moving forward with my job."

"Thank you for your incredible symposium. Even with a few days to process it, I can barely articulate the wealth of knowledge I now have because of the symposium. This workshop is one of the few presentations that provides the audience with concrete tools for every aspect of job development. I recommend it to anyone working in or considering any aspect of the employment or hiring field."

"This session was amazing! I can't to use it with my students!! And a few friends and family members! Amazing!"

"Denise, you wove together one heck of a training with your stories, poetry, ministry, and expertise. Thank you. I am grateful for having met you, learned from you, and having been inspired by your passion in this field. Summarizing the training with coworkers this morning, I have been stating that it gave me a new perspective on this service that we do and I am encouraged to think outside the box. You gave us a whole bunch of tools and options on how to do it with “Integrity, pride and purpose.” And may I add – with professional and personal passion."

"This is the best training I have attended in my 12 years of community employment."

"I loved the ideas for employment proposals. I am already thinking about the possibilities in my community. We are creating opportunities - not trying to make the person fit. The Spirit Tree makes so much sense. For kids who are not "motivated" we can now concentrate on the branches and figure out which ones are missing and work on that. Thank you!"

"Wonderful presentation - full of ideas and humor and great examples/stories. The examples and storytelling were marvelous and really helped make the points. Loved her poems too!"

"Denise is so enthusiastic, passionate and insightful. I could listen to her for hours. Lots of useful skills to take back to my students."

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