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Cultivating True Livelihood: Work in the 21st Century

Resources for Activity-Based Placement

“From ancient times the human being has been understood as a wanderer, a nomad, traversing foreign territories and exploring unknown places.  That we move from unknown to unknown is not a choice in life … it is the sum and substance of the human condition.  How we journey, however, is a choice.  Cultivating True Livelihood equips the wayfarer with a multitude of fresh choices and the tools to go with them.”

~ Denise Bissonnette


image of colourful graphicCultivating True Livelihood provides all the materials you will need to construct a multi-faceted, comprehensive employment service program. These materials were designed to make your work easier, more effective and altogether more engaging, as you foster people's development of the skills, strategies and attitudes necessary to find their way in the fast-paced work world of the 21st century.

Cultivating True Livelihood is a program of experiential activities that can help work seekers develop achievable personal visions of fulfilling and meaningful livelihoods now and into the future.

With over 140 activities to draw on, this program provides a rich array of tools and resources for effectively supervising and evaluating an individual's work search. It's unique activity-based approach empowers job-seekers to take control of their own job searches. Implemented in a "job club" format, with a group of job seekers, it makes tremendous use of the power of Image from cover of Cultivating True Livelihoodgroup support, group accountability and peer reinforcement.

Never before has there been a more comprehensive and practical resource for employment professionals to meet their placement goals. This library of activities puts in the hand of job seekers the information, insight and inspiration to conduct their own job search. For those who use this revolutionary concept of activity-based placement, Cultivating True Livelihood will change the face of employment services forever.


Among other topics, the seminar will include:

Course Content

The Cultivating True Livelihood library contains the following course materials:

Visual Map of the CTL Courses
Denise’s Overview of CTL and individual Course summaries on Video


Program Curriculum: Cultivating True Livelihood. (DiversityShop)

Who Should Attend

Cultivating True Livelihood, with its practical tools for "activity-based placement" is a new way of doing business for employment and training programs. It is a comprehensive program for services to job seekers. Ideally, organizations should be represented at all staffing levels  - from administrators to front-line employees.

Training Duration

Full seminars, covering the entire curriculum usually span 5 full days of training in which attendees receive an intensive orientation to the 140 activities and exercises that constitute the Cultivating True Livelihood program. Segments of the program can be tailored fit the needs of a particular organization and delivered in one or two-day format.

More Information On This Seminar...

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Participant Comment

"My organization, which has 10 offices in a 9 county-wide area, uses only Denise's curriculum. In August of last year we went exclusively to using Denise's various programs, and since then we have seen our numbers rise, dramatically. I would say about 78% more of our customers are finding and retaining jobs than they did using other curriculum in our trainings. Since August of last year... we have trained over 300 customers (youth, welfare to work, older workers, etc.) using her materials.”

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